How do I test my APNS Service Integration?

This article specifies steps to take to confirm proper APNs service integration from Airship to APNs. This is useful when first setting up Airship services as well as after renewing your APNs certificate.

This process assumes you are testing using the Airship web dashboard.

1. Set up a Test Devices group

Using device Channel IDs, follow the instructions on Setting up Test Groups.

If you have an existing test group of test devices, please confirm that your device's Channel ID is in the list.


2. Send a Notification to the Test Group

Using the Message Composer, send a test message using your test group as the Audience selector.

If the message appears on your device, you are properly set up. Congratulations!


3. Check the Error Console

Should the notification not appear on the device in a short period of time, please check the Airship Error Console on the dashboard.

If the notification does not arrive on your device and there are no errors in the Error Console, please contact Airship support or create a post in the Community Forum for further assistance.


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