Performance Analytics - Campaign report


You will find in this article our recommendations to build a Campaign report in Performance Analytics.

The objective of this report is to give you the possibility to have statistics by campaign.

If you are not yet familiar with Performance Analytics, we recommend you start with our Introduction to Performance Analytics article and come back to this one after.

If Performance Analytics is not available in your dashboard, please contact your Account Manager.


Campaign performance report

Total messages sent 

This look groups the number of sending per campaign over the selected period.

To build this look, we will use the following filters: Query parameters date range “is in the last” and choose a specific date range // Message delivery Message type filter “is” Push Notification // Query Parameters Current Project Only “is” Yes // Message Content “Campaign Category “is equal to” Name of your campaign

Then, select the following dimensions and measures Delivery Date // Total Delivery/Impression Count // Direct response count // Direct response rate // Uninstall user count // Uninstall rate // Opt out user count // Opt out rate

You can also use the "Campaign Category" field as a dimension if you want to create a global report to display the campaign categories.



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