Below is the best way to display an in-app message to opted-out users:


1/ In-app automation

In-App Messages appear regardless of a user’s opt-in status for notifications. While standard in-app messages appear as banners, In-App Automations have various style and layout options. They are stored on the user’s device and appear when the trigger event occurs.

  • When you’re choosing which message type to send, select the “In-app Automation” option.

  • Configure your layout and delivery.

  • Choose your audience : Target specific users > Push opt-in status > Opted-out of push notifications.

  • Create your content. It is not mandatory to have 2 buttons.


  • In the Button Action section, select the button action “Push Opt-in” to redirect the user to the settings. Select an action for the second button if you have one.

  • Choose the event that will trigger the automation.

  • When you are satisfied with your message, review everything, and start your automation.


Video tutorial

Best Practices

  • The in-app modal style and full screen formats are the most used for this type of campaign.

  • You can add a click cap of 1 and a display cap of 3 so that if the user clicks once on the in-app it will not appear anymore. Otherwise the in-app will appear a maximum of 3 times.

  • To get better results, you can display the message after a user action (purchase, reading an article, visiting a specific page...).

  • Highlight the advantages of choosing to opt-in again, for example: "get the latest serial outputs".

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