About Development and Production App Environments

When creating a new app on the Airship web dashboard you will be prompted to select whether the app is for Live or Test mode.

Test Mode option

Select the Test option if your app will be used for development of any kind, or if testing is the primary purpose for the creation of this app. As a general best practice, if your app is not 100% ready and will not be deployed to the App Store for purchasing and downloading, then you should choose this option.

An added benefit for testing your application in Test is that you won't be billed for audience registered to development apps. You're free to experiment with the Development version of your app without worrying about the cost associated with the use of our features, or if you make any mistakes. It's best to find your errors and learn from mistakes using a Test app.

Live Mode option

All ad-hoc apps including those to be distributed via Test Flight must be Production environment apps.

When all of your testing and experimenting is complete and you feel 100% ready to release your app to the App Store, you should create a Live mode app with the same iOS bundle ID.

This will insure a clean separation between Development and Production versions of your app, and that nothing from your developer app build will cross into your production deployment.

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